Who are we:

Habesha Networks purpose is to create a positive and inclusive space for Ethiopians and Eritreans to network, build meaningful connections, and support the community. Habesha networks is a resource for the community. In addition to our programs, we support and highlight the integration of Habesha people, businesses, and events to make a bigger impact.
Habesha Networks hopes to continue to mobilize and empower our community to do better together. We understand how important it is to keep the rich culture our parents have passed on to us. It is now our responsibility to empower the next generation as we continue to create a support system and provide resources for the community.
It is critical that we encourage the importance of cultural knowledge and connection. We will strive to make Habesha Networks an inclusive space for all, bringing integrity to our people and community. We strongly believe there is a place for everyone in the community.

Habesha Networks
Fall Brunch

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November 11, 2018

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Each event is different

  • Professional Networking & Development
  • Volunteering and giving back opportunity – Local and abroad efforts
  • Community engagement activities together (similar to Meet-Up)
    • Concerts or Festivals
    • BBQ’s
    • Physical Activities – Hiking, walks or group workouts
  • Cultural knowledge ( i.e. language, tradition, faith based events)

Habesha networks’ benefits

  • Engagement with community
  • Networking events
  • Connect local and global impacts
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Professional Development
  • Business spotlights and directories
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Conferences
  • Mentorship programs
  • Annual Gala


  • Build a strong network and engagement with the community
  • Serve as a support system and resources for the community and its members
  • Connect local and abroad resources
  • Encourage and highlight the importance of cultural knowledge and connection
  • Be the community connector and culture hub


  • Inclusive space for all and celebrating differences
  • Integrity to our members and community
  • We believe there is a place for everyone in the community