Mickey Solomon

Mickey Solomon photo

Business Development Officer

As Business Development Officer, this position is responsible for generating new revenue for Habesha Networks through the sale of products and services, and by securing grants, sponsorship's and other revenue sources. Additionally, working in close partnership with members of Habesha Network Client Engagement Solutions and Sponsors to ensure client satisfaction, to retain client relationships, and to advance new business opportunities.


Mickey currently works for Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a senior treasury solutions analyst in thencommercial banking group. There he helps consult large corporate client's on how to optimize their operational cash. Before Bank of America, Mickey was at Capital One Financial Services for seven years, working in different capacities, but all in the treasury segment. Mickey has a BA in International Business from Berkeley College and is currently an MBA candidate at the Marshall School of business at USC. He currently serves as the business development officer at Habesha Network.